What is a Crown Reduction?

As much as possible, we avoid performing and recommending a crown reduction to clients because the process can be very stressful to the tree. If your purpose is to minimize the possibility of the tree blowing over during strong winds or storm, we will not advise you to have a crown reduction, but to get crown thinning instead because the first option would only expose the tree to decay which can spread quickly.

We encourage tree topping to clients as an alternative to crown reduction if they want to reduce the height of a tree. You can also go for tree removal and replacement, or crown thinning if you want to reduce the possibility of storm damage.

We only advice crown reduction in cases where a large maturing tree has a significant amount of decay in its root system that might cause a hazard to the environment, property, or human lives. Let our expert team check the condition of your tree so we can recommend you the perfect solution for your tree problems.

What Are The Benefits Of A Crown Reduction

  • With a crown reduction the natural shape of the tree is kept intact, with the appearance of the retained a balanced structure is created.
  • Takes stress off the over weighted lateral limbs
  • No branches overhanging your buildings your gutters will be less likely to clog.
  • Encourages healthy regrowth. Your tree will continue to look great.
  • The reduction in height and spread will allow more light to pass into your garden. You will be able to enjoy more sun and your other plants will love the extra light they now get.

We’ve been in this trade for more than three decades, and we are approved by the NPTC to handle different types of tree management works. Contact our team to receive free estimates on your tree surgery needs. We are available 24/7 for emergency call-outs. We’ll be glad to assist you anytime, even beyond the office hours.

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