What Are The Dangers of Taking Down A Tree Without A Professional?

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At Chippings Tree Surgery we never suggest to our customers that you take matters into your own hands when cutting down a tree. With a number of safety risks in attempts to DIY tree removals including injury by falling limbs, malfunctioning equipment, or the tree itself.

Power lines

Working near power lines is always a high risk, you should always come to the assumption that the lines are live. If the tree removal ends up hitting the power line this can cause the power in your street to cut out and cause a potentional risk of electrocution.

Decaying wood

A dead or dying tree is often decaying from the inside out making it extremely unstable, as professionals we remain cautious of all decaying wood and know that additional safety measures may be needed e.g. cranes.

If you think your tree is starting to decay, find a professional to remove it before it collapses without warning.


Once the tree starts to fall it will do whatever it wants and this could be costly if the tree falls in the wrong direction that you intended, poor preparation could result in the tree falling on your property causing serious damange.

Chainsaw Safety

Chainsaws are one of the most dangerous aspects of tree removal without experience of using a chainsaw you can cause major accidents that may leave you or someone close to you injured or in a life threatening situation. Chainsaws can kickback when they collide with a hard object and then bounceback onto yourself a very serious safety risk.


When a tree is cut down, it may or may not stay in one single piece some falling trees may have loose limbs that will fall free of the tree during the removal process. These loose limbs and other debris that may be in the tree can hurt people on the ground or damage your property witrhout the correct safety measures in place. This is an especially large risk if the tree you are cutting down is already dead or dying or particularly close to your property.

Call The Professionals

If you have a tree that needs to be removed, choose Chippings Tree Surgery and get one of our professional arborist to determine the best way to safely remove your tree.

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