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Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is not an easy task and requires a specialized tool to get the work done correctly. The stump left on the ground after cutting down a tree must be removed if you want to plant another tree on that particular spot where it was located or if you want to put a space on the location for other uses. Although it may not cause damage to the environment, leaving the stump on the ground can be a tripping hazard, so we recommend clients to have it removed to ensure their safety.

At Chippings Tree Surgery, we use a purpose-built stump grinder with several blades on its cutting wheel. With the help of this specialist machinery, we will remove the small chunks until the whole stump is removed from the ground. We can remove stumps of up to 12 inches deep below the ground, leaving zero to minimal amount of a tree’s root on the ground surface. You can call our expert stump grinding team to book an advanced appointment on the day that is convenient for you.

Tree Removal

Since tree removal is what most of our clients need, we’ve been tirelessly doing this task for so many years. There are various reasons why tree removal is necessary for many properties. Among the reasons is that most properties, such as industrial and commercial buildings, need to have access to sunlight, and this would be impossible if there are large trees blocking it.

Different types of properties need different types of approach in removing the trees depending on the space and accessibility. Specialized equipment and skills are also essential because this process can be very hazardous without the proper knowledge and tools. What makes our team a cut above the rest is the fact that we are NPTC trained and experienced, and we are complete with the specialist saws and ropes that are needed for safe tree removal.

There are two types of tree removal methods that we are using depending on the situation. We use sectional felling – a safe removal of multiple smaller pieces of trees and bringing them to the ground using ropes, and then removing the limbs and trunks using a step cut. This method is used to avoid causing damages to a property where space is limited.

Crown Thinning

Among the benefits of crown thinning is that it allows more light and better airflow to pass through a tree. Thus, minimizing the problems caused by the pests and fungus that might inhabit the trees if they don’t get the amount of light and carbon dioxide they need. With our crown thinning service, you can ensure the health of your trees as branches and stems that are rubbing together will be removed. This process will not only allow more light on your tree’s canopy, but it will also keep the healthy tree parts from getting in contact with the diseased woods.

Working with crown thinning projects for so many years helped us understand the importance of prioritizing the removal of narrow, V-shaped angles before giving attention to any other stems. As much as possible, we also avoid lion tailing which usually happens when little or nothing is removed from the ends of the branch while the inner lateral branches and foliage have been removed. As a result, the tree’s branch structure becomes weak, and the tree tops get sunburned easily.

By letting our team tend to your crown thinning needs, you will reap the benefits of having healthy and presentable trees in your property.

Crown Reduction

As much as possible, we avoid performing and recommending a crown reduction to clients because the process can be very stressful to the tree. If your purpose is to minimize the possibility of the tree blowing over during strong winds or storm, we will not advise you to have a crown reduction, but to get crown thinning instead because the first option would only expose the tree to decay which can spread quickly.

We encourage tree topping to clients as an alternative to crown reduction if they want to reduce the height of a tree. You can also go for tree removal and replacement, or crown thinning if you want to reduce the possibility of storm damage.

We only advice crown reduction in cases where a large maturing tree has a significant amount of decay in its root system that might cause a hazard to the environment, property, or human lives. Let our expert team check the condition of your tree so we can recommend you the perfect solution for your tree problems.


Chippings Tree Surgery has a variety of logs available for delivery throughout various locations in Kent. These logs come from our clients who don’t want logs to remain in their property and requested us to take them away.

The logs we provide come in different sizes, and we can deliver them to you using our purpose-built van. You may contact us in advance to check the availability of our logs and to request delivery on your preferred date.

Below is the list of prices of logs according to the size:
• £120 – mixed hardwoods (used in open fires and log burners)
• £70 – ½ cubic metre of logs
• £140 – 1 cubic metre of logs

You may call to request the delivery at the time of your convenience.

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